3 Small Corvette Interior Changes That Can Make a Huge Difference

Improving the look and feel of your Vette’s interior doesn’t mean you have to pay obscene amounts of money for mods and interior packages. You can make some small changes, like adding custom Corvette floor mats, that don’t cost as much but do a good job of improving the interior. Here are a few examples.


1. Replace the Shift Knob

The shift knob of your Corvette is an easy thing to replace. You can choose something flashier or something more understated. Your tastes will dictate what to replace it with. For this, and various other interior changes, you should have a torx (star-shaped) screwdriver.

Pull down the boot and you should see the screw. Remove the screw and pull the old shifter knob off. Replace it with the new knob.

Make sure the new shift knob’s hole is perfectly aligned with the screw hole. Replace the torx screw, and pull the boot back up. That’s all there is to it.

Some variations exist for certain Corvette models that have a chrome ring in place. You must twist the chrome ring and uncover the screw.

corvette floor mats

2. Replace the Console Cover

Replacing the console cover can add something new, different, or unique to your Vette’s interior with little effort on your part. You can order a console cover easily enough, and there’s definitely one you’ll like available for your model. Something made of real leather with some extra cushioning can give you a little form along with function.

For most modern Corvettes, the console cover will come off easily by removing a few screws. Once again, torx screws are the likely type you will have to deal with.

Once you take out the screws, you can remove the console cover. Adding the new console is as easy as reversing the process. This simple switch can add a new dimension to your Corvette even if you don’t do anything else to your interior.

You can also achieve a similar effect by adding a console cover or cushion, rather than changing the entire console cover. The process is much the same as you will need to remove the console cover first before wrapping the cover or cushion around it.


3. Replace the Corvette Floor Mats

Many people don’t understand just how much of a dramatic difference custom Corvette floor mats can make. Replacing your Vette’s floor mats with some generic premade ones can help a little. Unfortunately, you won’t see the true strength of what floor mats can do for your Vette’s interior with those.

Instead, consider custom cut floor mats tailored to your specific model. You will receive thicker floor mats of higher quality. Custom Corvette floor mats will give your interior a fresh look that doesn’t require you to do any heavy lifting.