Business Phone Systems – Why Are Famous Companies Using These Systems?

Business phone systems

A few decades ago, businesses used to have landline phones with as many phone lines as the number of users. Soon, these were replaced by expensive but technologically advanced PBX or PABX business phone systems which were, in a way, the private networks of each business. With these phone systems, a limited number of phone lines could be used by a large number of employees. But these systems needed constant maintenance and constant upgrading.

The last two decades have witnessed huge technological advancements in the field of telecommunications. As businesses grew in size at a phenomenal pace, so did these systems.

Today, advanced businesses use these types of systems because they have proven to be a great asset. These systems use what is called VOIP, which is voice over internet. Here, the phone call is transmitted over an IP network such as the Internet. In addition to the usual voice telephone, it has many other features also.

There are a host of reasons for a business owner to use this type of technology for their business. Here are some of the reasons to use this technology.

1. Cost Savings – These systems are more economical in both installation and operation and do not involve heavy upfront equipment costs. No extra lines are required to be set up by the local phone company. Due to remote monitoring and maintenance, support costs are also much less. Long distance calls also cost much less as distance has no bearing on call costs. Even international calls are much cheaper.

2. Low maintenance needs – These systems which use VoIP need little maintenance and that too costs much less when compared to the traditional systems.

3. Scalability – Expansion is not only easy but is also quick and less costly here.

4. Round the clock support – Round the clock support too comes at a very nominal cost.

5. Multiple benefits – Automated attendant, call forwarding, voice mail, conferencing, promotional messages or discount offers on call-hold, no fear of redundancy, automatic upgrades, easy adaptability, remote location dialing and the option of keeping record of the incoming and outgoing calls are some of the other unique features of these business phone systems.

The modern day VoIP based business phone systems are no more just the tools for communication. The various features and functions which come with these systems can help improve the efficiency of your business and simplify multiple tasks.