What You Need to Know about Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a mixture of binder, aggregates, and filer that can be used for construction and maintaining surfaces, such as sports areas, playgrounds, roads, and parking areas. Some of the aggregates that are used to make asphalt are sand, slags, and gravel. Bitumen is commonly used a binder to hold everything together. Asphalt paving is one of the top Derk Harmsen construction services, but there are a few things you need to know about the service. Making asphalt is similar to baking a cake. The ingredients get measured out, mixed together, and then heated, in order to form the final product.

It’s Cost Effective: For commercial properties, many owners are constantly looking at ways to reduce overhead costs. Asphalt is a cost effective material and is affordable to install. It’s also recyclable, so you can rest easy knowing you are making an eco conscious choice.

It’s Safe: Asphalt is a safe choice for commercial use. Asphalt can help prevent skidding, even under wet conditions. A new paving project may also be able to cut down on the amount of standing water that can gather on the property during a rainstorm to help make your property even safer.

Easily Repaired: Asphalt can be exposed to some harsh weather conditions throughout the year. However, contractors with Derk Harmsen construction services can help repair paved surfaces and return them to a pristine condition. Crack repairs and seal coating can be used to remove any imperfections from the surface of an asphalt lot. Total asphalt replacement may not be necessary. An asphalt overlay can be a great option instead of replacement. An overlay can be an option if the owner needs to project done in a shorter amount of time. It’s important to note that an overlay shouldn’t be done on pavement that has too many waves or cracks, or the new overlay will fall into the same pattern after installation.

Long Lasting: Once asphalt has been installed, it can last for up to 30 years. With proper maintenance, it can last even longer. The key to getting asphalt to last is the quality of the products, as well as the workmanship during the installation process.

Asphalt Is Better to Lay in the Summer: Hot mix asphalt is the best choice for the majority of projects, but it does require warm weather in order to set properly. Cold mix asphalt can be used for emergency repairs in the winter, but it could need to be replaced by a more permanent solution once the weather warms up. When possible, it’s best to do it in the summer or early fall.

Many Advantages: There are a number of advantages to asphalt, including noise reduction, durability, and aesthetics. White striping is easier to see on the black surface, which makes it a safer choice.