5 Aftermarket Accessories for Car Protection

Whether your car is safely stored in your garage or navigates dirt roads and busy highways all day long, there are many hazards that can damage the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Find out how these five aftermarket accessories can over dirt, scratch and sun protection for cars. Invest in the car protection products for unsurpassed protection for your favorite vehicle.

  1. Windshield Sun Shade

A primary cause of interior fading paint, cracked leather and other issues is sun damage. Just like your skin, your interior surfaces can be damaged by overexposure to direct light. Your interior can also be damaged indirectly as temperatures soar. Keep the interior of your vehicle protected with a premium windshield sun shade.

Made with advanced materials and reflective films, these shades reflect UV rays in the summer and absorb heat in the winter to keep your car’s interior insulated. Avoid damage from extreme temperature shifts, whether your car is parked outdoors or sitting in an unheated garage.

  1. Dash Cover

Another popular aftermarket accessory is a dash cover. Dash covers for trucks offer you similar protection, but can still be left on even while you drive. A dash cover can be made with custom graphics to accessorize your interior, or come in neutral colors to blend in with your excellent interior. Not only will you avoid damaging UV rays, a cover protects your dashboard from scratches and scrapes that are difficult to repair.

  1. Paint Sealant

For exterior protection, consider investing in paint sealant. Similar to wax, sealant works by creating a thin, invisible layer over your paint to protect it from scratches and sun damage. However, paint sealant is far more resistant and offers long-lasting performance. Simply mix the sealant with a bonding agent and apply it in a circular motion, just like your favorite car wax.

  1. Synthetic Coating

Another popular aftermarket paint protector is synthetic coating. This dependable product uses either polymer or ceramic to coat your vehicle and create a wax-like coating that lasts for months at a time. It’s a high-quality way to protect your car while you’re out and about and don’t have the luxury of covering it.

  1. Custom Car Cover

Finally, one of the most reliable ways to protect your vehicle from scratches, sun spots and other damage is with a custom car cover. When you choose a cover, don’t settle for a generic size and low-quality material. Choose a premium option that is custom-made to fit your make and model vehicle. Select a fabric option specifically made for interior or exterior storage, depending on your lifestyle.

Quality custom covers protect your vehicle from water damage, UV rays and accidental scratches. Choose a breathable material to ensure your vehicle can cool down and that you won’t damage your interior from excessive heat. Select a car cover that has a generous warranty and is designed for your particular climate to create a dependable way to store your car.

From long-term storage solutions to overnight parking protection, enjoy these five aftermarket accessories for your vehicle. Whether you’re protecting your rugged off-road Jeep or your luxury sports car, shop for all the latest car covers, custom windshield sun shade options and other accessories from a reliable online store.