Water Purification Technology is Not So Pure

Water purification technology is a source of great debate. And it should be, with all the contaminants and pollutants in our environment. Simply put, we need healthy water to survive. Today more than ever water purification is needed. This type of “purification” is the process for getting rid of contaminants and other dangerous micro-organisms from water.

How this process is carried out is overseen by some government standards. However, these government standards are minimal at best. It’s a sad fact that they disregard trace levels of toxic chemicals in tap and bottled water. In fact, some scientists believe there are no “safe” levels of chemicals or toxins in our water supply. Hence, this all makes methods of water purification a tricky business to say the least.

Some techniques in this process have been the source of great controversy over the years. Fluoridation of water, for example, was established back in the day to help aid dental health. That technique was banned in many countries since it was found that enhanced levels of fluorides can make teeth and bones weak and easily break.

Other methods like chlorination are also used. Although chlorine is a strong oxidant that kills many harmful micro-organisms in water, it is also a toxic gas. So this also poses a danger when used. The main problem with chlorine water purification technology is that chlorine derived from any source reacts with natural compounds in the water to form potentially hazardous carcinogenic by-products.

What’s the alternative to all this big-scale technology? Some say home water purification systems are a safer option. Home water filtration provides a higher quality than bottled water since it is control right in your own home and removes the bad stuff. It also offers ease of use since it connects right to your sink’s faucet. Many methods of water purification provide healthy, chemical-free water right in your own kitchen.

Just show some caution in your selection. Find a system that can effectively filter out harmful properties but effectively keep intact the natural minerals contained in water. This way, you can get the next best thing to natural spring water straight from the tap in your own house or other living space. Plus, find a system that can eliminate lead.

This is a culprit that sometimes ends up in tap water. Yep, that little word has big implications. Lead is a heavy metal substance found in various styles of piping and is used as a stabilizer in paint. Unfortunately, the primary way it gets into our drinking water is through the corrosion of our household plumbing systems. As you can probably surmise ingesting this lead into our bodies has highly negative health implications.

Let’s end on a positive note though. There is hope. The way you can avoid some of these harmful water issues is by using water purification technology at home to get the water you need for your health, cleanliness and sometimes for fun in the sun.