Latest Technology Advances in 2008

2008 has been an exciting year for innovation in technology, not a week has gone by without a major breakthrough or scientific discovery. But what do some of these new discoveries, innovations or inventions mean for our future? How will life change for the human race or our civilizations and societies due to these breakthroughs?

Holographic Cell Phone projection is here, and in four to five years we will see the first units available and within 8-years we will see these available for the general public. And the first 3D living room technologies are now available too.

With all the new robotic unmanned vehicle research we will soon have self Driving cars, trucks, planes and trains. Indeed, they are almost ready to roll out now, only one hang up, acceptance. Will the general public accept them? Perhaps, but it might be another 5-years.

Nano-technology in new materials could usher in the age of hydrogen fueled vehicles. Nano-tech in medicine will be available for dental uses, knee surgeries, organ strengthening and cancer fighting. Nano-machines for nearly ever medical purpose will be in the works as well.

Artificial Intelligence has surpassed human intelligence in many endeavors and will soon be smarter than humans in nearly any decision making task. Just ask a question and get the best possible answer. Will you trust a computer to make your decisions for you, run your government and the infrastructure in your civilization? What about your new AI CEO, teacher, or military commander?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are now sampling the air for pollution monitoring, as well as being used in fire fighting, Hurricane watching, drug smuggling surveillance and we have all heard of the great successes in the war on terror. Apparently, the sky is not the limit for new technology; the ground is.