Things You Need To Know About Mats In Decorating

This article is for you who like rugs and have some doubts when choosing yours. What’s the right size? How to match the rest of the decor? What is the most suitable material? Some people hate it, and some can’t live without it! The fact is, they provide a certain amount of work that, for some, is not outweighed by the benefit and beauty. Notably, we like them and, despite being allergic, they never worsened any crisis, as the secret is always to keep them clean.

The most important thing is that the size of the rug is suitable for the dimensions of your environment. Since the rug is a crucial piece for demarcating space, it is strange when it is, in a way, disproportionate to the size of the environment. It’s nice when the chosen model is the sofa’s width and that you position it on this piece of furniture. This makes the two pieces appear to be in the same plane, eliminating possible visual clutter of floor, rug, and sofa. In a large environment, it’s nice to use a rug that houses all the furniture in the space.

Thus, a microscopic model in front of the sofa can look awkward, leaving the floor looking like a bathroom floor. However, if your rug is a unique and stylish piece that you like a lot and wants to show off, go for it! Overlaying mats is an option. Placing it on a neutral model can mask the awkwardness of a rug that is too small.

However, as we all know, don’t feel bound by rules. Just don’t forget the importance of proportion and have a little common sense.

For those who like rugs in the dining room, the ideal is each edge to have at least 70cm (that’s at least, ok?) more than the area occupied by the table. But why that? It’s a matter of logic, as you need to have room to move the chairs without them getting tangled up in the rug.

Square and round rugs for anti-fatigue kitchen mats are great companions for square tables, while rectangular ones look good on rectangular and oval tables. Another essential detail is to use common sense when choosing the material for this rug. Choose materials resistant to frequent washing, such as pure wool and 100% nylon. Keep in mind that this rug will be more exposed to dirt than any other rug in your house, except the doormat.