Summer Trucking Essentials: Lights & Shade

Truck drivers get to experience the freedom and variety of the open road. This includes driving in all sorts of weather and seasons. During the summer months, driving can sometimes be pleasant. However, keeping out of the beating hot sun and staying safe requires some special considerations. Fortunately, some high-quality Iowa 80 semi truck accessories can solve the problem for you.

Staying Cool in the Hot Sun

Summers are characterized by powerful sunlight and long days. Although the weather can be nice, it can also be very punishing for truck drivers. A truck window shade is a good idea for the summer.

When you are parked getting a bite to eat, you can put your shade up to reflect sunlight out of the cab. This will help to keep the temperature of your cab down, even when the sun is at its hottest. You can also use your shade when you are trying to sleep. It will keep the light, whether it be from the sun or the streetlights, out of your cab.

Consider grabbing some sunshades for your side windows as well. You can put these in place when you want to go to sleep. They’ll even let you keep the window open with insects of rain getting in. That can be really nice during a hot summer evening.

Similarly, visors are a great idea in the summer heat. You can get a large, metal visor over the top of your windshield. This helps keep some of the worst of the sun out of your cab when it is at its highest. You can also get visors for your side windows. These have the added benefits of letting you open the windows without too much wind noise or rain getting in.

Being Visible During the Rain

While the summer has a lot of sunshine, it can also have torrential rain, especially during hurricane season. Even on dry days, you are more likely to see people out driving late as they hop between summer destinations.

In short, you will spend some time during the summer in low-visibility settings. Get some high-quality LED marker lights to illuminate your truck for other drivers. These have the added benefit of making it easier to maneuver through narrow areas because they help show the edges of your vehicle. It doesn’t hurt that you can set them up to look amazing at night.

Also, if you want to pull over for a break, your lights will help keep you safe and illuminated, even in the middle of the night. They are smart safety as a truck driver.

Find Top-End Accessories

Your truck is your home on wheels while you are driving your routes. This is especially true for long-haul drivers who may spend several consecutive nights in their cabs. You want to make sure your cab is comfortable and pleasant.

Getting the right Iowa 80 semi truck accessories can help you enjoy life in your truck a little more. In the summer, that means having shades to protect you from the sun, and lights to protect you from other drivers. Find the right accessories for your needs today.