Planning To Make The Most Of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Japan

The rich culture and heritage of Japan is evident in the fact that the country boasts of overwhelming UNESCO world heritage sites situated in different corners of the country. Not all tourists are aware of the spots that are more famous as world heritage sites. Not only are the sites amazingly beautiful, visiting them can change your essence of traveling in this Asia country. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial tells the story of some of the most renowned buildings used before World War II and served for promoting the local industries. You must not visit a trip to the A-Bomb Dome here, which was once the heart of the city and the museum that help the visitors understand the tragic aspects of this famous city.

Shirakawa Go Villages and Kyoto

Another popular and well-known among unesco world heritage sites japan is the Shirakawa-Go villages and Gokayama that are unique as they stayed isolated for a long time. Moreover, these villages are also famous for the distinguishing wooden farmhouses and cultivation of silkworm. Despite the rapid technological changes taking place in various corners of Japan, the villages have successfully preserved the ancient culture and tradition.  The arm lights that illuminates this place during the winter season is another thing you will love to watch. The Historic monuments in the ancient city of Kyoto came to be known as World Heritage Site in the early nineties that shaped the history of this country. With fascinating art and architecture in this city, you will have a lot to cherish in your memories.

Visit the iconic mountain

You have heard about Mount Fuji several times, but making a trip to this location is a thing you can hardly miss as long as you tour Japan.  The visitors can take a bus to reach the fifth step of this mountain and appreciate the beauty in the surroundings.