Countries crazy about online boxing betting

Over the past days, we had a chance to see many fighters from different countries take the pedestal as world champions. Besides the crowds, these boxing matches attract a big number of gamblers. Even though these matches are not as famous as football or basketball you can still find a big number of bookmakers which offer odds for placing bets.

Here are countries that focus on online boxing bets

South Africa

South Africa has been on the world top boxing scene for a very long time. Boxing is considered to be an important sport in the country, drawing millions of viewers for every important boxing match. As far as betting on boxing events goes you can find a big number of bookies which will take your bets. Gambling is legal in South Africa with a big number of operators that are investing in TV ads to draw in a bigger number of players. South Africans may also bet at a big number of online casinos, which even offer Rands as a currency.


France has already taken great pride in producing a number of excellent fighters. Boxing is considered to be a very popular game across the country and they always look back on their rich heritage. The country has made betting and gambling perfectly legal, so today you can find a big number of French friendly casinos. You can also find a big number of French only casinos which are focused on welcoming players from France only.

United States

The USA is a country that produced the largest number of fighters across all weight divisions. So, the recent situation when it comes to betting on boxing matches in the USA, the current laws never allow for online casinos to operate on the territory of the USA. Though, players may place bets on offshore bookmakers which offer odds on boxing matches. Make sure to use reputable ones that have all the legal features before you place a bet. US citizens can also place bets on bookmakers based in New Jersey.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country with a vast tradition in boxing and gambling at the same time.  When it comes to betting on boxing matches the situation in the UK is much more relaxed than in the USA. Online gambling and sports betting are legal in the UK, so punters can easily find a reputable bookmaker and place a bet. The citizens have a vast choice of betting parlours as well, so the only dilemma is to find a booker to offer the best odds for the match.