The New Options for the Online Poker At the Time of Corona


The coronavirus has profoundly changed all aspects of daily life, and spending leisure time is no exception. A visit to a classic casino is currently impossible, because these will open at the earliest on 1 July.

More and more players are therefore visiting the online casinos, where an increased activity of 23% worldwide is noticeable. Marketers eagerly anticipate this with attractive offers and bonuses, but not every online casino is equally safe.

The risks of online gambling

There is a double danger in online situs poker online resmi gambling. On the one hand, there is a risk that an online casino is unreliable. Players then have no guarantee of a fair game play and the correct receipt of possible winnings. On the other hand, online casinos that violate the rules of the Gaming Authority run the risk of being fined hundreds of thousands of euros.

Making a distinction between safe and unsafe casinos is not so easy as a player. Fortunately, there are some popular gaming sites such as the CasinoNow Portal. These sites judge gambling sites for both reliability and quality. Players can visit these sites to get answers to their most frequently asked questions.

The online casino landscape is expanding further and further. In addition to well-known and popular variants such as slots, blackjack and poker, variants such as sports betting, scratch cards, bingo, lotteries, live casinos, baccarat etc. are becoming increasingly popular.

The legal situation for remote games of chance

The gambling market has been regulated for quite a long time. The situation for online gambling, which many players first encounter during this pandemic, is much more complex.

After years of postponement, the adoption of the law on remote games of chance was only a fact in February 2019. Before this law can enter into force, many obstacles still need to be cleared. The target date is currently July 2021, but this may be postponed again due to the corona crisis.

Fines for online gambling

  • Until the remote gambling law comes into force, the Gaming Authority (KSA) applies a number of rules that online casinos must adhere to in order not to risk a fine. Specifically, until online gambling is fully regulated, it is prohibited to focus specifically on the market.
  • For example, it is prohibited to offer a Dutch-language site or the payment method iDeal. The fact that these options are not yet available does not mean that international casinos do not care about players. They simply want to avoid fines of up to 400,000 euros and jeopardize the acquisition of a future license.
  • Although individual players do not receive fines, it is possible that they may suddenly no longer have access to their player account with a fined site. Gaming sites such as CasinoNow will only include sites that adhere to these rules of the KSA.

KSA corona measures

The regulations of the Gaming Authority do not change during the corona crisis. However, the KSA seems to be more vigilant, both due to the more frequent violations and the following of the measures concerning social distancing. Fines are therefore regularly issued for things like poker tournaments.