What different forms of cheats are available in PUBG? 

Online games are usually deprived of cheats and hacks but due to the increased popularity of PUBG people have managed to bring the cheats for this game! Despite of all the efforts from developers, these cheats are still operative and many accounts are using these cheats to get the advantage of playing better than others. However, there is always a risk of account ban and you need to be careful while selecting the bot you use to crack the game. There are many bots available on the internet and you can download and install them directly to your phone without rooting it. Before downloading the best bot, make sure that the reviews about that particular bot are positive and it has already been not reported. You can update yourself with the bot updates at different forums or by subscribing to the YouTube channels of different famous players. 

Available hacks for PUBG:

There have been different hacks introduced at different times and some of them do not work now but few famous pubg hacks are still working and are giving immense support to the new players. Through these hacks you can easily arm yourself with the latest accessories that are required to fight the battle in a proper way. Some of the best cheats and hacks are enlisted below: 

    • Ability to see through the walls: Wall hack
    • Automatic aim at your opponents
    • Assist with the head shots 
    • Recoiling scripts

  • Landing at your favorite position 
  • Locating other players at the map
  • Locating loot in an easy manner 
  • Seeing the names of all the players above their head
  • Changing the color tone


These are some hacks through which you can master the game quickly. At first when you are not familiar with the game, you might find it difficult to face the well trained enemies and in such a situation these hacks and cheats are the ultimate resort. With see through walls, you can look around without any hindrance and can locate people as well as the loot for your next battle. With proper gadgets, you will be in an above position to fight. 

Aim bot provides assistance with your guns. With this bot you can aim directly at your opponent without any delay. It means that you would not be required to adjust the cursor and it will be adjusted automatically and it will be made sure that your enemy is killed before he kills you. Similarly, with aim bots you can adjust the trigger and put it to auto mode. Whenever an enemy will be spotted the trigger will function and that is how you will kill him immediately. Head shots are also made easy through these bots as they carry extra points. 

When you are able to see and locate other players on the map, it is quite a good experience. You feel ahead of them and can easily go and kill them whenever you want. You can monitor their moves and without wasting a second you can grab them!