What are the popular architectural designs of houses?

When selecting your first home, the first thing you get stuck with is what kind of house you should buy? Sounds easy but actually it is confusing and time taking when you sit down and evaluate your needs and presence that you want in your new house. You can start with visiting some good sites like legacyhomesal.com where you can check different kinds of houses for sale in your preferred area. Before checking the quotes you should settle yourself up that what architectural design you want.

Here are a few popular architectural designs that you must consider:

Beach house –If you have a beach house then you don’t have to worry about vacation and traveling to a calm place to relax on weekends. Also, it is considered as a good investment option to buy a beach house because it has a higher resale value.

Craftsman House –It is a very classic and alluring style of house which has a front porch where you can relax and sip a cup of coffee on a rainy day. You can also get a bungalow of craftsman style for a bigger house or you can go with a modern look.

English Cottage –If you are a little low on budget and want a bigger house then you should probably consider some newly built English cottages. They are comparatively cheaper than other big houses and also you get enough rooms to live your large family. The design of these houses is also very attractive and you can also ask your realtor to show you some smaller English cottages, if you want.

Apart from the architecture, you can also pay attention on the décor of the property which plays an important role in calming your mind. You can get the interiors painted in soothing colors with a minimalistic theme.