We choose a doll for a child – what is worth considering?

The children’s “mechanism” of choosing the perfect doll is quite simple and is based on current emotions. The parent, having the appropriate knowledge and experience, makes a much deeper analysis. It often includes factors that some people don’t even know about. So before buying custom bobblehead, we buy a “doll of dreams” for our baby, let’s pay attention to the issues described below.

A child and a doll

In the analysis of choosing the right doll pattern, it is important to understand what it really is for a child. It’s not just a toy. Above all, she is a confidant and playmate. Children (and especially girls) have already determined their personality traits from the beginning of their lives, performing basic care activities for them.

Appropriate size and weight

A small child will find it easier to catch a smaller and lighter doll. Over time, this “closest companion” can grow, taking on the characteristics of a two-year-old or even a three-year-old.

Let’s look at the doll in the eye

A baby doll should have the right face. Let’s face it, some of the plastic faces don’t look friendly at all. In a child who is in adolescence, cognitive aspects are developing more and more. The unrealistic face of the doll may and will work for an infant, but over time it will become a surreal toy in which nothing will resemble the normal appearance of a child.

The age of the doll matters

From a psychological point of view, the age of the doll is very important for the child. Of course, it can look after both a small child (of course it can not always be a newborn baby), as well as a doll of an adult woman, although it is recommended that at the very beginning she portrays the infant. It is then that the first caring feelings awaken in the child.

Gender (not) always matters

It is difficult to determine if the sex of the doll has any significance for the child. There are girls who prefer to play with dolls depicting female babies. It also happens that the child chooses the boy’s doll. Here, the most important issue should not be the parents’ top-down approach, but the preferences of our child. After all, it will be his first guardian.

Material of execution

The personalized bobbleheads doll should be made of appropriate materials. It may be a truism, but let us note that it is a toy with which the child connects in a specific way.