Specific Bail Conditions Explained In adamsbailbonding.com

If you want to know more about the different bail conditions apart from determining the amount of a bail then the best resource for such information is adamsbailbonding.com. You will know everything about bail bonds as well as the additional limitations or requirements that may be imposed on you. These limitations are almost same as those imposed on criminal cases. These conditions are very important to know ad follow because violating these bail conditions can result in being taken back to custody by the police till trial. Apart from that, as an immediate punishment, the amount paid for the bail may also be forfeited.

Check-Ins and contact orders

The most common types of conditions of bail are pretrial check-ins and no-contact orders. The pretrial check-ins is more like parole or checking in with a probation officer. You will need to make check-ins on a regular basis with the pretrial services officers who will monitor you to make sure that you comply with the conditions and orders imposed on you by the court. The no-contact orders are imposed to refrain from contacting the alleged victims by the defendant in cases involving stalking, making criminal threats, and domestic violence.

Few other important conditions

There may be a few other specific conditions imposed by the court depending on the type of crime and the defendant. The defendant may be allowed to maintain employment even in bail or even search for a job in case the defendant is unemployed. There may be travel restrictions imposed as well without any special permission from the court or the pretrial services officer. In cases of drunken driving and drug possession, substance abuse restrictions can be imposed. Similarly, firearms restrictions may be required for a defendant charged with use of firearms even if there was actually no firearm used.