Meet the pioneers of the world who have billions by gambling

Gambling is a very well-known practice in various countries. This is known as a very lucrative field to earn money. Many people around the world have been seen to become immensely rich by gambling. By following several tricks and tips and, you can also be able to become a pioneer in the fields of gambling. Earning money from gambling is certainly not easy. But it can be made simple if you follow some precise rules and tips. One must also be familiar with popular games like joker388 which provides great profits when played effectively. By reading about some famous personalities who have somehow managed to become tremendously rich and earn billions of money by gambling can be inspiring for those who are new in this field.

Down below, are some amazing and pioneering personalities, who have become a billionaire by gambling:

Victor Chandler:

Victor Chandler is also known as BetVictor. Another name of this famous personality is “the gentleman bookmaker”. He is one of the pioneers of the offshore bookmaking and online gambling. He especially aces the casinos and the pokers. He has taken over his father’s gambling business in the year 1975. Bet victor then moved to Gibraltar in the year 1999, and the company gives the founder a total worth of 160 billion dollars.

The Coates family:

Peter Coates, his daughter Denise and his son John have turned the company Bet365 into one of the most successful companies in Britain. This company was founded in the Stoke City football club. Peter Coates’ daughter, Denise has developed a platform for sports betting and a trading team to launch a business online in March 2001.

Calvin Ayre:

Another name for this famous personality Calvin Ayre is Bodog. The reason behind this is that this Canadian billionaire is the founder of Bodog online gaming, is considered a rebel figure in the industry. This year, Mr. Ayre predicts that the depressed share prices of the European Online gambling Companies will tend to temp a cash-rich Asian operator to set up a European Bridgehead.

Avi and Aaron Shaked:

Aaron Shaked is known to be the pioneer of the online casino industry. He is known to develop the idea of the concept of an online casino. This idea came to him while he was at a dentists’ conference in a Monte Carlo Casino. He and Avi are the pioneering figures in the world of gambling and online casinos. Online gambling is the major reason behind the boom in the gambling industry. Avi shaked is also known to have a strong and rigid career in politics and is now a millionaire.

All these above discussed famous personalities are a kind of motivation to the modern-day gamblers. They are known as the pioneers in the fields of gambling. By seeing their lifestyle, and the way they have struggled to reach the top, have motivated many people out there for gambling. It has indeed helped many young gamblers to make huge by playing various poker games, casino games, etc.