Is It Time to Add a Roommate in Your Life?

For some people, the thought of having a roommate or two makes them rather anxious.

Meanwhile, others have no problem sharing a residence with one or more individuals.

No matter where you fall on the subject, you may get to a point where you find it necessary to add people to your home.

So, is it time to add a roommate in your life?

Do Some Research Before Bringing Someone in

If you decide to go ahead and get a roommate, it is wise to do some research in the process.

With this in mind, did you know you can do free background checks online?

When you have a person’s full name, there are websites that allow you to get some info on the individuals in question.

Among some items of interest when you enter a prospective roommate’s name would be:

  • Criminal background – Do they have anything that stands out in a criminal background? It will be up to you to decide what might be serious and what would be a minor offense.
  • Financial background – You do also want to find out if there are any financial red flags in a person’s background. If there are, you determine if it could impact having them as a roommate. Obviously, one who has trouble paying bills is one you would have to question in being your roommate.
  • Living background – Finally, one who moves around often is one you may also want to question. He or she is not expected to room with you for the rest of your life. That said you probably do not want someone who will be there for only a few months and then move on.

In thinking about adding a roommate to your life, will you do the research needed to find the right one?

Deciding on the Living Conditions

Once you have selected a person to room with you, be sure you are both on the same page as far as the living conditions.

One of the worst things is when two people decide to share a place together is to be at each other’s throats.

It is important from day one that all parties involved know what is expected of them.

Among the areas of focus should be:

  • How shared bills will be paid and by what dates of the month
  • How the cleaning of the property will go
  • When notice will be if the individual who has moved in decides at some point to move out
  • What the rules are for having family or friends stop by for a visit or even spend the night
  • Any rules on bringing a pet into the home or apartment

By being clear about what is and is not allowed, there is less chance for friction between all the parties.

When it comes to screening people to live with you, do not rush into anything.

Unless you are at a point where you need someone to move in yesterday and not tomorrow, take your time.

Remember, the last thing you want to do is end up with the roommate that drives you crazy.