Highway Accidents: How Victims are Affected and What they can Recover in Damages

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A lot of people regularly use highways to commute to work, travel for leisure, and run errands. State highways are designed to efficiently and dependably get people from one point to another. However, some trips don’t end safely. When highway accidents occur, unsuspecting victims can sustain serious injuries and with lots of stress in life. Usually, recovery from these injuries requires a great deal of time, medical treatments, and commitment. Unfortunately, these requirements don’t come free. 

Highway accidents can significantly change the victims’ careers, personal life, and finances. And the party who’s not at fault will have to deal with the new stress and financial responsibilities. Fortunately, Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers are available to help them by working to get proper financial compensation for their injuries. 

Common Causes of Highway Accidents

Accidents that take place on highways can happen because of the following:

  • Speeding. This traffic violation can result in accidents regardless of the kind of road a person is on. But, speed limits are increased on highways. Exceeding these limits can lead to significant impacts and serious injuries.
  • Road distractions. Whenever a driver uses their hands, eyes, or mental attention away from the road and their wheel, they are distracted. Consequently, they won’t be able to react appropriately to changes on the road, leading to accidents on highways. 
  • Aggressive driving. Drivers who operate their vehicles aggressively tend to tailgate, cut off other motorists, and change lanes without warning. Their behavior disrupts the flow of traffic, leading to accidents. 
  • Harsh weather conditions. Conditions such as rain and snow affect road visibility and traction.  Drivers need to adjust their driving habits to accommodate bad weather; otherwise, they will lose control of their vehicle. This is particularly true in highways where high speeds and congestion can make it more difficult to stop quickly enough on icy or wet roads. 

What Victims Can Recover in Damages from a Highway Accident

Victims of highway accidents who have sustained injuries can recover the costs of their medical bills which include hospital stays, physical rehab, surgeries, and doctor’s appointments. Also, they can recover the wages they would have otherwise earned. This accounts for days or weeks they were off work to get treatment, and the time they spent recuperating at home. Lastly, damages in a car accident case also include pain and suffering. A reliable car accident attorney can help victims get the compensation they deserve.