Arjun Suravaram, an Action Movie of 2019, that got good placed in Telugu Movies


Arjun Suravaram was made with the genre of Action Crime Thriller. The movie’s story revolved around the fake certificates scam and role of the media in finding out of a scam. The movie became one of the blockbusters among Telugu movies released in 2019.

Even the movie nearby one year since its release the movie is trending high at OTT movies on aha. NikilSiddharth remained as a special actor in Telugu movies with his selecting scripts.  Let’s check the story, artistes’s performance, technicalities and highlights about Arjun Suravaram before browsing about this at movies on Aha.


Arjun Lenin Suravaram (Nikhil) quits his software job in the middle without even telling his father and joins a TV channel as a reporter with a passion for journalism. His dream is to work for the BBC. He lies to Kavya (LavanyaTripathi) about this. But, the truth will soon come out that Kavya is the daughter of the CEO of the TV channel, which he works for.

Though he thought negatively about Arjun that he lied at first.. recognizing the way he works as a responsible reporter..Kavya sends Arjun’s application for a job in BBC. Arjun gets a job at the BBC. Having love between Arjun and Kavya in this sequence. While Arjun is expressing his love for Kavya, the police suddenly come and arrest Arjun.

Police allege that Petty Arjun, along with others, forged documents and deposited large sums of money in banks in the name of education loans. The court will also sentence Arjun and other accused. But how does Arjun Suravaram, who came out on bail after an accused commits suicide, chase the fake certificates and forgery documents? The rest of the story is about how to catch the biggest scam and its mastermind.

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Artistes’ Performances:

Naturally, Nikhil impressed with his performance once again. The character of the heroine LavanyaTripathi having priority though until the climax along the hero. As a hero friend, Vennela Kishore once again shared humor as a lawyer. While Tarun Arora impressed in the villain role.


The director succeeded in filming Arjun Suravaram with a complete Telugu nativity without getting the idea of ​​a Tamil remake. The director ran fast with a series of twists with the intriguing‌ narrative. The director filmed the emotional scenes well.

The dialogues are fantastic. While the songs are too good, background music is the strength to the scenes. Cinematography made the scenes attractive. The production values are in keeping with the film.


The hero’s attempt to uncover the network of fake certificates, the villain’s chase to find out which hero is pulling out his secrets are the major highlights in the movie.

The twists that come in the pre-climax are good enough to make the movie stand out.

Cast and crew:

Cast: NIkilSiddharth, LavanyaTripati, Vennela Kishore, PosaniKrishnamurali, Satya, Tarun Arora, Nagineedu

Screenplay & Direction: T.S. Santosh

Music:Sam C.S.



Arjun suravaram, a crime thriller will definitely entertain well.  It should be seen by everyone at least once.

Browse the ‘movies on Aha’ and find Arjun Suravaram in ‘Telugu movies’.