True Choices For the Room Renovation

At the beginning of December, the holiday spirit begins. Here are some ways not to get lost and to live pleasantly this period of festivities.

  1. Have a guideline

It is important to have a guideline or choose a theme. The presence of several heterogeneous elements can often create a composition without flavor where one gets lost. So, use a theme and focus on it. For example, we can play with different formats of ornaments and some colors. The 3 room bto renovation package can help you out here. We can even use elements found outside, such as branches, casseroles or logs, which are very current and quite in the spirit of a Christmas.

  1. Have a dominant color or harmony

Christmas is traditionally synonymous with complementary colors red and green, but more and more replaced by mixtures and more modern tones, for example white and gold, blue and white, black and red. However, it must remain simple. Many colors can produce an effect of excess not necessarily desired. If you already have a color accent in the room, use it, or choose its complementary color. This will help harmonize the decoration of your room.

  1. Decorate Christmas in an eco-friendly way

The question of eco-responsibility arises as to the choice to be made between the natural fir, which requires the cutting of a tree, and the synthetic often manufactured abroad. According to one study, it is the natural fir that has the least impact on the environment. “Artificial trees have a three times greater carbon footprint of climate change and depletion of natural resources. If you keep your tree for more than 20 years, and if you have to drive long distances to get a real tree, then the artificial tree wins.”

  • Other solutions are available to us, such as Cascades, which in recent years has proposed recycled cardboard fir trees and wrapping paper designed by the graphic designers.
  • If you want to find the smell of the tree in the house, without necessarily having a fir tree, we can take a few branches and put them in a vase as we would for flowers in summer. The florists have everything they need for the manufacture of a centerpiece or a larger winter themed bouquet, which can even be kept longer than a Christmas tree.
  1. Involve children

What would be Christmas without children? Involving them in creating the holiday atmosphere is often very motivating and fun for them. Making DIY creations with kids will bring back happy memories for the next Christmas. There is panoply on the Net, for example: This is a pure moment of happiness with the kids, especially when the Christmas cookies bake.

  1. Receive in a party atmosphere

Christmas is not just about visual decoration, you have to think about the five senses to have a memorable experience. For a successful atmosphere, do not forget the candles or a fire that warms us. At the table, do not put too many decorations or items high, it is important to stay comfortable, and use the same harmony of color as in other parts of the house.