Is it easy to learn real cash rummy?

Rummy is a draw and discard card game. It requires you to be mentally alert, strategic and innovative. This card game is pretty popular among masses owing to its simple rules. If you are a newbie in the game, you can learn the rules in a matter of minutes and get playing with your friends and family. However, it is important to add here that one requires an in-depth understanding of the game when dealing with real cash. Real cash rummy is pretty much like regular indian rummy, except for the fact that instead of virtual money, you use real money.

Strategies to ace real cash rummy

  • Memorize the cards

It is important to memorize the cards when playing real cash rummy. Memorizing the cards, the opponents discard and draw from the open deck can give you a clear insight into his game plan. By putting two and two together, you can figure out what possible sets and sequences the opponent must be going for. Once you have that information, you can use it to your advantage. You can then discard the cards you think would be the least helpful for their cause and keep on stalling their game. Hence, always try to memorize the cards.

  • Practice on free games

This is usually looked over by players. However, it is of utmost importance to practice your rummy skills on free games before you move on to real cash rummy. Free games offer you virtual money known as ‘chips’, which do not cost you any real money. Once you are confident about your game plan and rummy skills, you can start playing cash rummy. This ensures that you make the least mistakes possible and do not end up losing your real money.

  • Make pure sequences your topmost priority

In rummy, it is important to form at least two sequences, one of them is pure. A pure sequence is a group of at least 3 consecutive cards belonging to the same suit and formed without a joker card. Having a pure sequence is a must for you to have a valid hand. Even if you meld all your cards into sets and impure sequences, but do not have a pure sequence, you end up collecting points for the whole hand. As such, it is important to first form a pure sequence as soon as possible and then go for other combinations. If you, unfortunately, lose around, having a pure sequence can help you lower your points.

  • Discard high-value cards

All face cards like Jack, Queen, and King, as well as the Ace cards, are the high-value cards and carry up to 10 points each. As such, even if you have one or two face cards with you, you should discard them early on in the game. This will lower the points of your hand.


By following the above-mentioned tricks and tips, you can enhance your real cash rummyskills. Integrating these into your game plan will help you improve your game, and bring you more cash. Moreover, you can also acquaint yourself with important strategies which can help you ace cash rummy easily.