Here’s why you must avoid a do-it-yourself divorce

You don’t need to hire a lawyer to file for divorce in Utah. If yours is a no-fault uncontested divorce, it shouldn’t take more than a few months to finalize the process. This brings to another real and common question – How practical is a do-it-yourself divorce? In this post, we bring real reasons why you need to avoid the idea and find a Sandy divorce lawyer

Lawyer equals expertise

You have a strong set of friends and family members, who are offering the best support during these hard times. Many of them may have been through divorce, and they may have a few tips for you to consider. However, it is important to understand that every divorce, just like every marriage, is unique. Legal advice should come from a lawyer, and no one else. Experience of a skilled divorce attorney is hard to ignore. 

The paperwork can be overwhelming

In a do-it-yourself divorce, you need to manage everything on your own. The paperwork, right from initial filings to serving your spouse, can be extensive and overwhelming. When you hire a lawyer, that’s their job. Keep in mind that even a small mistake in your documents or paperwork can delay your divorce for months. Eventually, you want to finalize the divorce as soon as possible, and your lawyer is indispensable for that. 

Dealing with your spouse 

Spouses often agree on a no-fault divorce because they don’t want to handle the consequences of a contested or a fault-based divorce. This doesn’t, however, mean that things are amicable. If you have a minor child, you are required to complete mandatory divorce education class in Utah. If mediation with your spouse is not initiated, the divorce can take longer. For all these things and more, a lawyer is necessary. If you don’t want to talk to your spouse directly, your lawyer can coordinate on your behalf. 

Minimizing the stress

When you file for divorce¸ you already have a bunch of things to worry about. Child support, alimony, child support, distribution of assets – There are many aspects that may need attention. Without an attorney, you have to ensure that you protect your own rights and interests. The key reason why you need a lawyer is to ease the stress. Allow your attorney to offer advice and get a fair settlement for you. 

Check online for top-rated attorneys in Sandy. Contrary to what some people believe, hiring a divorce lawyer doesn’t have to cost a fortune.